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Let our AI technology do the heavy lifting for you
Our Story

At Solaris, we use cutting-edge AI technology to help publishers generate more revenue from their users through our advanced monetization solutions. We're a media company with a passion for empowering businesses to succeed.

Our Vision

Build the leading AI-powered monetization solutions for the online media industry. 
We are committed to being the go-to partner for publishers seeking to optimize their online revenue and gain a strong competitive edge. 


Our AI technology provides publishers with an easy and effective way to monetize their digital assets. By using machine learning to analyze user behavior, our technology serves targeted and relevant ads, leading to increased engagement and revenue.

Who are we

How it works

Advanced Technology

Our AI-powered technology analyzes user behavior in real-time, delivering highly-targeted and relevant ads maximizing engagement and revenue.

Fast, Seamless Integration

Our solution integrates seamlessly with your existing content management system, providing a streamlined solution that requires no additional resources.

Partnering with Solaris means
unlocking the full potential of your digital assets

How it works
Lisa M.

"Thanks to Solaris, we're able to monetize our content more effectively than ever before."

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